Electrical Services

We are professional electricians offering a full range of electrical installation and repair services.
Install light fixtures
Repair light fixtures Install outlets or switches
Repair outlets or switches
Relocate outlets or switches
Replace or upgrade panel
Repair panel
Install electric car charger


Residential Services

At AG Electric, we strive to be an affordable alternative that provides a quality service that you can rely on for your residential electrical service needs.

Commercial Services

Our electricians walk through new projects and adhere to a timeline that fits your schedule. We have performed electrical work in everything from warehouses to restaurants.

Wiring Upgrades

Electrical Wiring Upgrades to Consider During a Home Renovation. Too Few Outlets.
If your family has grown, your requirements for electrical power has probably grown even quicker.

Lighting Upgrades

To Lower Utility Expenses. To Reduce Maintenance Time and Cost. To Decrease Lighting Inventory. To Increase Security. To Score Rebates for Energy Efficiency. To Reduce Inefficiencies.

LED Lighting

LED is highly energy efficient – Less heat, more light, lower cost. Use less electricity for the same light output – 85% less electricity when compared to conventional lighting and around 18% less electricity compared to CFL.

Backup Generators

As a homeowner, buying a generator could spare you financial losses, like food spoilage, when power outages strike. Also,
if you work from home, a standby generator is a solid investment, as it ensures you won’t suffer a loss of income due to circumstances outside your control.

Install A Ceiling Fan

Since new wiring and a switch are required to install a ceiling fan, it’s a job for a licensed electrician. If you have a ceiling fan that’s due for replacement, installing a new model in the same location is a straightforward job for a pro.

Insurance Inspections

You are asking “Is my wiring safe?” When purchasing a century house, When purchasing a resale home, Before starting a Major Renovation, Your insurance company is asking “Is your wiring safe?” Home Electrical Inspection for Insurance Purposes.

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